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  20. How to Change File Names
  21. Is it possible to have a private board?
  22. Which PHP framework is used?
  23. Rss?
  24. Facebook login not showing
  25. After the upgrade from version 1.1 I recieved an error
  26. Presale Questions: Customization, Server
  27. The pin you are looking for has been removed. Problem
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  29. Sitemap?
  30. How to use German Umlauts?
  31. How Do I Move an Active Pin site to A NEW domain & Keep members and Pins
  32. Special Characters for Board Names
  33. Anyone know the rite way to insert ads
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  35. urgent
  36. What do i have to do?
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  38. How To Remove Language Option
  39. Ask Question about Mobile Module Before Buy
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  43. Gender: Unspecified
  44. Pins Page view
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  46. Mobile version ; no Video ?
  47. How Can I Change the name ot the button from Pin It to Pix It. And RePin to RePix
  48. Any Sitemap for PinMeScript. How to Add it ??
  49. prefix in config file
  50. Turn off URL Rewrite
  51. How Do I Change The Front Page from POPULAR posts to EVERYTHING page?
  52. Deactived users pins showing on pages.
  53. Unfollow user doesn't unfollow users boards.
  54. Scroll fix
  55. how to limit the number of comments to display on main page
  56. number of pins per page on every "more" loading
  57. How to display the number of comments on main page (as likes and repins)
  58. m.ogpins.com mobile version
  59. .htaccess Error -It seems to me the /htaccess error...
  60. 404 error
  61. My Pin button stop working on youtube
  62. Advertisements
  63. How to change email template for invite friends
  64. How to Points System
  65. Installation error!!!
  66. user profile picture and pin board picture thumbnail's display ratio are not correct
  67. When You Click "My profile" Get 404 error not found error
  68. number worlds on pin
  69. Cookie length and user session question.
  70. Increase file size
  71. How to change the .tpl file names
  72. Changel .tpl files names
  73. Requirements - PinMe Script?
  74. Pinterest clone for cloud?
  75. Cannot Install
  76. Creating Standard Ads
  77. Removing yellow banner
  78. Menu Useful - Footer messed up
  79. Pinit
  80. How to Add link next to invite
  81. Here's How to Put The Latest Pins on Your Homepage
  82. Who Would be Interested in Adding More Ads to The Script??
  83. Fatal error: Call to undefined function do_resize_image
  84. how remove photos by mobile ?????
  85. Problems with category images
  86. Whats the logo font name?
  87. Placing extra ads on the main page?
  88. Placing extra ads on the on the pop up photo.
  89. Removing Yellow Banners From The Pinme Script?
  90. Change frontpage from POPULAR to EVERYTHING page
  91. The pin you are looking for has been removed.
  92. Create Board Button
  93. New users can't signup
  94. Random Pins at index page
  95. The pin you are looking for has been removed.
  96. Hot to increase thumbnail size?
  97. Follow on Twitter and Like on Facebook buttons
  98. unverified users can post.