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  1. Suggestions for updates v1.3
  2. Mobile Version Pleeeease!
  3. Better Control of Advertising on Site
  4. Add Ecommerce to work with Gift Section
  5. Please add vk.com social network for login and signup.
  6. SEO post needed
  7. Update suggestion
  8. Facebook Connect and Twitter Connect on landing page
  9. Automatic "Amazon Affiliate ID" to any users Amazon product pin.
  10. Animated GIF support
  11. How to send welcome e-mails for new users?
  12. New posts needs to be approved before being made public
  13. Referral module
  14. Be able to control what goes on front of site
  15. Off Server Storage Solution
  16. Training Guides and Documentation In The Admin Panel
  17. An Actual "Ad Module" That Speaks To The Front End
  18. Admin controllable look/feel/logo upload
  19. Feature Request: Featured Members (Sign-up process)
  20. online status and chat
  21. Feature Request
  22. Needs Notifications For 'Follow'. Shouldn't This be standard?
  23. Fresh! Option To CHANGE front page to Either 'Popular posts' or 'Everything in Admin
  24. Facebook Friends Invite
  25. User delete / move own pin
  26. Upload Pins in Mobile Module
  27. Monetize to Sustain Succesful Website
  28. How to install CDN for this script?
  29. How to display the number of comments?
  30. Email message templates in admin panel
  31. language file edit NOT included
  32. Email verification to activate user account
  33. RSS feed
  34. User Tagging
  35. Auto Detect Language
  36. download