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  1. No access to admin end
  2. Experience with your 9gag clone script
  3. Facebook like
  4. Sprites
  5. Remember login
  6. FB Share buttons - HELP
  7. costume
  8. Help installing on localhost
  9. hot/trending section
  10. Legal issues using the script?
  11. Err_too_many_redirects
  12. add new section ?
  13. Photos Add a photo below current
  14. Update to 2.2 and dont working
  15. Customisation
  16. Trending issue (Script Version 2.2)
  17. problem with login
  18. Anyone Can Delete the post of Any User!!!
  19. google analistic
  20. script does'nt grab images from internet
  21. google analytics
  22. where message that says awwwww yeah (10) is?
  23. Some impoartant questions
  24. Facebook Likes
  25. Where to edit all text "9gag clone"?
  26. 7 Questions about the script
  27. Latest posts not on top?!
  28. How to add posts to Hot or Trendy page?
  29. Animated Gif uploads?
  30. Problem when I submit a "gag"
  31. No number of comments when autoscroll
  32. Fast page is not working
  33. Number of displayed recommeded posts
  34. Watermark question
  35. infinity scrolling . . .
  36. How to modify file upload
  37. Problem uploading a gif or posting an image by url
  38. Vote button doesn't turn yellow & the number of votes doesnt't update when autoscroll
  39. Limit images in auto scrolling
  40. Pagination
  41. Can't manage to install template... "Fatal error"
  42. How to edit site layout ! picture inside!
  43. sign via facebook doesnt work
  44. What size are the both logos? so i can get new ones made
  45. How to put a post in a section ?
  46. Disable Video's
  47. how to add ads?
  48. How do i change my logo?
  49. Some errors
  50. User admin delete
  51. Problem with uploading new images (v. 2.5)
  52. Thumbnail for Facebook Sharing
  53. Section change
  54. Font and Font size changed !what file do i edit to change it back to default ?
  55. How to make 2.6 top bar work?
  56. Header color
  57. What web hosting service is good for 9gag clone script?
  58. max_user_connections or other error
  59. CSS and another question
  60. Facebook Login Not Working
  61. When upload image file or url, warning message occured
  62. Remove languages
  63. Change admin url
  64. Warning: Cannot modify header information
  65. My site loads 2 times
  66. How can I modify upload video URL http://youtu.be/text...(youtube short URL)
  67. One member can fix the pic that another member uploaded?
  68. 404 Not Found
  69. Not able to Login with Facebook
  70. Video posts don't be displayed in thumb view
  71. Video don't be displayed in Fast mode
  72. How to edit gag text in URL?
  73. Why not show pictures on the home page i have upload 15 pic?
  74. Error index.php ! :(
  75. Default Admin login doesn't work
  76. Can i host pdata folder in Amazon CLoudfront???
  77. New gags at the beginning?
  78. gifs not playing
  79. how to change logo?
  80. problems installing 9gagclone script
  81. How to make SEO URL
  82. Installation problem, need your help
  83. Facebook like plugin trouble
  84. signup with facebook not working and without facebook not working too !!!
  85. Problems with new installed language :(
  86. problem in facebook share
  87. Change the message after upload
  88. Advertisements
  89. problem in featured bar
  90. Some buttons doesn't show
  91. A blank page/ server error opens when i access my site
  92. Admin login problem
  93. login problem (only reload)
  94. Unlimited voting
  95. Customization Questions
  96. Can't Login as Admin - Right Password entered! - Please Help
  97. Can't see complete title
  98. "Thumb View" for doesn't work for videos, because there are no thumbnails created
  99. Jumpy screen due to AJAX loading spinner (v2.7)
  100. Problem - META DESCRIPTION is different when sharing or posting on Facebook?
  101. emails headers and from
  102. Rss feeds
  103. Widget Share Log App
  104. Latest posted gags don't show up on the top most!!
  105. No thumbnail when sharing Long Image Posts on Facebook
  106. 9GAG watermarks
  107. Could not download your photo from HTTPS URL
  108. All my pages are showing the exact same. None of the pages are working.
  109. Only Latest 50 Posts showing in the User Profile
  110. Voting Only works on Hot, Trending & Vote Tabs
  111. PROBLEM need help
  112. Very long loading time - How to fix it ?
  113. run spiky on the new version???
  114. Please Help - how to make custom static page ?
  115. Out of focus on web broswer
  116. Cannot access admin page
  117. Installing on localhost
  118. mobile page doesn't work
  119. Hot / Trending .. issues
  120. fb share buttons - slow loading
  121. Upgrading from 2.5 to 3.1
  122. Vote section for everyone
  123. pending approval
  124. Issue with uploaded animated GIFs
  125. Ad Earning
  126. Make voting available for unregistered users!
  127. Analytics Tracking Not Installed
  128. Add pic url show "Error: Your image format is not supported."
  129. Vote/Trending/Hot
  130. Facebook Share Button Error
  131. How to install 9gag clone script?
  132. Login question
  133. Error while uploading pics
  134. Modifications
  135. Removing the safe mode button
  136. Disabling the option to change language
  137. watermarks
  138. Auto uploading pictures to FB page
  139. problem with mobile module
  140. Prefix change
  141. Facebook login doesen't work!!
  142. I want to do a few edits, tips? Experienced people please share your insight!
  143. Email Change
  144. Hot section problem
  145. Where to find this?
  146. Moving Box- Bottom Section (Advertisement)
  147. Adding categories
  148. How to add a twitter chat roll to you 9gag website?
  149. Problem with links and picture upload
  150. How are tags used , when upload a story?
  151. Please answer.. How to change url /gag/213 to /post/213 ??
  152. THEME NOT LOAD On 9gagclonescript
  153. Not found page to redirect after upload image, and many other tasks...
  154. About Clone Script....
  155. About 9GAG clone script
  156. Login with Facebook not working
  157. Theme Doesn't Install?
  158. Likes drives crazy in Infinity Paging Mode
  159. Two Questions before my purchase (Admin please respond)
  160. Twitter Login not working,, and also in demo
  161. Recommended and featured bar not showing
  162. Mobile Module
  163. Bulk Upload module > Doesn't add watermarks to photos
  164. Question regarding Implant of Html5 Player
  165. facebook login not work
  166. free hosting for 9gag clone script
  167. Nothing showing on Front Page
  168. Error when uploading a gif
  169. Slow...
  170. Recommended (Sidebar)
  171. Move Uploaded Picture To Another Server