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  1. Videoclip Ad needed before buy
  2. Multilingual Support Priority
  3. A few Questions before purchase...
  4. Player for slow connection
  5. Nicer friendly links
  6. Search box on Channel, Series, Member pages?
  7. Does report a video work?
  8. Permission Settings Needed; File Size limits?
  9. Quick Capture (send video with webcam)
  10. Date Display
  11. Change Valume Color
  12. Sequence of videos
  13. New updates? When?
  14. Overhauling members area
  15. Feature to send emails in admin area!
  16. Anonymous upload feature!
  17. About picture section!
  18. Bulk video uploads
  19. need help!
  20. Adding Windows Media Player
  21. Featured is really worth nothing