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  1. Suggestions to upgrade the script in the future
  2. Upgrade Answers Text Input....
  3. Post questions by quest
  4. notify admin when a answer or a question is submitted
  5. needed Features
  6. Is there a german language pack?
  7. Photoshop files for template?
  8. The "Ask your Question" on each of the category mainpages.
  9. Daily Limits, possibly by Level
  10. Answers and questions should convert line feeds.
  11. Open vs. Resolved status.
  12. Is it possible to integrate this script with Wordpress?
  13. I have paid the script via Paypal but i didnt get any download link
  14. Admin panel language
  15. Intergrated google analytics?
  16. Change the Layout / Template ....add some these for the admin to select
  17. Admin/Users allowed to close or delete questions.
  18. Timed questions
  19. Bing indexed pages
  20. a list of suggestions!
  21. Is there any next release round the corner ?
  22. PIctures, Live Links in the Questions and Answers ???
  23. Dates & Times
  24. Related questions
  25. Users can Preview there Questions and Answers.
  26. How someone can delete the account or the answers?
  27. Bad words filter ???
  28. Users can add friends and fans and top category experts
  29. Avatar
  30. edit buttons images psd files
  31. social bookmarks box
  32. suggention
  33. This Script Lacks in Lot Of Features Like ?
  34. Category RSS feed
  35. Comment on Answers
  36. remember me !!!
  37. Pulling Answers from this script
  38. Suggestion: A Notification to admin when new questions submitted.
  39. Get paid for answering trough paypal
  40. Get paid for answering trough paypal
  41. User table integrate with FiverrScript
  42. User should be able to add tags instead of the current system
  43. filter bad words
  44. WYSIWYG editor for answers