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Thread: AnswerScript v2.7 Released

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    Post AnswerScript v2.7 Released

    AnswerScript Version 2.7 Released

    - Update for PHP 5.3 compatibility
    - Language phrase fix
    - Change question owner fix on admin panel edit question
    - Confirm e-mail and reset password changes to avoid facebook connect variable conflict.
    - Create and edit ad spots in the the admin panel changes to avoid facebook connect variable conflict.

    More Information:

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    Default Some points missing in Instructions File, probably

    Hi admin,

    I was updating the script from v2.6 to v2.7 and in the instructions file i noticed that after point 2, you people have directly jumped to point 6, is my file missing something? i have attached the screenshot of the file for your review.

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    Just a numbering mistake, we will have it fixed, nothing is missing.

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