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Thread: I've some questions first purchase

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    Default I've some questions first purchase

    Hello, i'm really interested in buying the script, but first i've some questions:

    1) Where can i see some websites that are based on your script?
    2) Have the script good results in seo?
    3) Are customer websites frequently attacked by spammers?
    4) Italian language is available?
    5) Otherwise, it takes a long time for a manual translation?

    Thanks for reading.


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    Latest question:
    Why, if i search on google "Powered by Answer Script", i find many websites still and inactive?

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    1. Create a support ticket

    2. You can look at the demo website on search engines to see if that is what you want

    3. Not to my knowledge, but all websites get some spam.

    4. No you will have to translate it

    5. Depends on how long you take to translate the file

    6. You will need to ask the website owners that, we would not know what they are doing.

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    Just google your questions

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