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    The helpdesk just completed installation for me moments ago and already there's an issue with the video grabber for Redtube, the very first site I'd tested the grabber on. The grabber does not seem to be working. Please don't tell me I've been scammed by Adultwatch. I don't want to test the other downloaders out of fear of experiencing more of the same. Someone, please tell me this is a fluke and how to fix this. I'm going to bed....maybe this is an unfortunate dream. Sigh. This is not how I've envisioned spending my money.

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    That grabber could be down.

    As stated on the website there is no uptime guarantee on any video grabbers since they rely on other websites:

    Create a helpdesk ticket and support can check it.

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    Offer you to check this link now - trądzik różowaty

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