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Thread: Pre sales questions

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    Default Pre sales questions

    I am looking for buying & have the below mentioned question

    1) Admin panel seemed to be custom designed, IS THE WEBSITE NOT SUPPORTED BY WORDPRESS CMS ?
    Can i get a wordpress admin panel, without additional charges?

    2) a) Will the payment made by buyer will be on hold till the time service is completed by seller.
    b) Does the admin has the right to monitor payments, such as in case of disputes or otherwise marking a gig as completed & transfer the amount to seller.

    3) I can see 'Want section' in admin panel, but this is not reflected in the website frontend ? Is the want section & bidding mechanism not active yet and not included in the purchasing plans ? I would like to see 'Want' frontend functioning & display.
    Also whether the wants will be appearing on profile, like services do?

    4) Can we add or remove fields in profile or any of the forms. Isn't minor changes like placing a button on home page or changing color or adding a form field are available free of cost ?

    5) Can we rename 'Create a job' or any of the nav buttons

    6) In Launch - Requested Invites section, how many invites at a time can be sent ? Can we reuse this feature as many times as we want, in the following year?

    7) Can a user bump or place its gig at the top everyday, is this feature available and if yes then is it free or chargeable ?

    8) I see the add code space, but where to place these codes. where is the theme section ?

    9) Please list monetization aspects this website currently offers ?

    10) We cannot see email section ? Does the seller receives the meail everytime a service is sold ? does emails are processed every time a important event occurs ? how we will customize email text or subject?

    11) How to remove 'I WILL' at the start of every service?

    12) How to go for SEO, we cannot see any SEO related tab in admin panel. If its wordpress then we can handle ourselves.

    13) Is it a one click installation ? Do we need to have technical knowledge to install this theme in our hosting space ?

    14) How much time after purchasing will the website be taking to be active & fully functional ? What if we are stuck or do you offer installation guide ?

    We need to implement this theme quickly, so hoping for a quick response. Thanks for your time.

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    This is not a theme and has nothing to do with wordpress.

    This is complete software.

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    Default Questions

    Quote Originally Posted by Admin View Post
    This is not a theme and has nothing to do with wordpress.

    This is complete software.
    Can i get the answers of all the questions?

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    You can contact sales on the helpdesk and they can help you with those questions:

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    Can I contact too? Because some of my questions are there?

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