Hello, I think this script is very good, the best in the market but also I think it has something against, and that is intended only for users with dedicated server or vps, this created for users who upload their videos and photos your host, and often the problem of uploading files to the host, is not only the high price of the host, one of the big problems there with pages of videos and photos xxx is that the host does not allow upload videos or photos xxx your host to avoid problems, right car, or by a third party who complains about a photo or video, then, for people like me who use this script only using the option of video embed, I think there some things that a lot would improve the script, and here's some suggestions ...

1) upload photos externally, just pasting a link and not upload the image to the host, so save a lot of space and bandwidth on the host.

2) enable or disable the options "upload photos" and "upload video" at the moment that is not possible ... we can only activate that need to validate the video, but that does not prevent the video is uploaded to the host, the only way to avoid this is to eliminate the option to upload video from the TPL file.

3) The option to choose whether the video is HD or not, now that's not possible, I suppose that that makes automatically when converting video, but users like me who use the option to embed video, we can not choose the "HD" option for display in the index and the videos page. If this option is not on the page where the video is uploaded, this could be in the administration on the "edit video" but it is very useful I think.

For the moment these are the suggestions I have, that hopefully someday be implemented in the script, I think it would be very useful. Regards!