When this app first came out I mentioned it in the 'Hot Sexy New App' thread and the reply seemed to be pretty lukewarm.

I downloaded it later on when it was on sale and have rarely touched it until today, although all of the updates seemed really, REALLY useful.


Today I found a loop house that was giving out a free 22MB Oldskool Jungle loop pack, and I said "sure, that sounds fun." I downloaded it but instead of transferring to my phone with Nanosync (which I've never been able to use) or i-Funbox (my preferred iOS filebrowsing client for PC, despite their horrible name), I decided to try Dropbox to retrieve it on my phone in part because Ashley Palmsounds is always telling me I should be using Dropbox all the fookin' time on everything. LOL.

Once I opened Dropbox on my phone and saw that the samplepack .zip file was indeed there, I long-clicked on it to see what the unzip options were; having recently seen & then promptly forgotten that Audioshare released a zip file update I said "Oh hey, let's see what this is all about..."
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